Aug 22, 2020: Decent

Today has been a pretty decent, new normal kind of day.

It’s been the first day, since we reopened in July, where I have had more than two games in a row. I ended up with four back-to-back games. That’s before-times levels of normality. It’s unheard of in Covid times.

I’ll tell you what, though. Screaming at people over an eight hour period starts to make your throat hurt even if it’s only a couple of screams every few hours. I can definitely feel the soreness of a shout well made and a job well done.

Not a person has remained un-jumped today. I can take pride in that. I have gone all out with things, tried new things, done things that were expected but, somehow, still strangely satisfying and not done things that were expected because sometimes the expectation is all you need…

It’s been a good day. It feels like a before times day. I’ve been busy. I’ve had fun teams. It’s been a wholesome before-times Saturday.

I’m not going in tomorrow though. Bugger that. I’m going to get up early in the morning (having stayed up a bit now to wind down) and brave a visit to my mother’s, bearing a gift of triple A batteries so she can try and get the “iPad” working. A baffling concept, I agree, until you realise that when she says iPad she means BBC iPlayer and she’s currently using the lockdown times to learn how to use her freesat system which has sat dusty and untouched since my father died.

Or as she keeps saying, “batteries for her experiments…”

Which makes the mind boggle.

So yeah, I’m hoping to dodge work, do the mum thing and then just nap randomly throughout the day.

This being at work thing is exhausting…