Aug 23, 2020: Leader Of The Pack

A Sunday night games night was on the cards with Daniel. Then off the cards. Then on the cards.

Then off the cards again, because Daniel was in a hotel in Austria and he looked like an 8-bit videogame character when he rang us for the customary games night video call.

Sadly, wherever he was in the Austrian mountains, the signal was not strong enough to bounce Charterstone from us to him, so we were unable to play.

But we were unable to review our current game scores and discover that…


I can’t win – at the moment – because my character doesn’t have a body. But having said that


Not by much. It’s very close between the three of us, at the moment. I’m about ten points in the lead, which is nothing in the greater scheme of things. But still, I thought I was really sucking balls when it came to this playthrough (as opposed to all the others when I have been just as bad, if not worse, at the game. But no, I am there, at the front of the pack. Points in hand. At the front of the pack. Setting the pace.

There’s one point between Daniel and Carole as well.

So it’s made it all quite interesting going into the final four games of this iteration of the campaign.

It’s made it even more interesting that Daniel will have disappeared back into his crappy signalled room and seethed with fury at not being in the lead and, even worse, being bested by me. He’ll be coming out of the gates swinging tomorrow night, I think. I’m going to have to do some crafty work to maintain my excellent position and further my lead. I’m just not sure what that actually entails. I mean, I could do with getting my body back – that would be quite handy. I’d decided not to bother because I didn’t think I was in any sort of contention, but now that it turns out I am…

Let’s see how things progress tomorrow.

Game on!