Aug 24, 2020: Jinxed It

I was right about Daniel. He must have spent all of Sunday night seething about my lead in Charterstone.

Because he came out swinging during our games tonight. I racked up twenty or thirty points in each game – he managed to bring home over 60 in each. Why do I even bother to think I can pull these things off?

The only saving grace in all of this was that Carole was also seemingly incensed by my leading score as she upped her game as well and beat Daniel.

So what I did, it turns out, by mentioning the end game scores and my relationship therewith, I created two very angry score monsters who just set out to destroy me.

And I did shit.

But I did nothing any different to the times that I have fared much better. Nothing. Not a thing. And yet I finished last and nearly last. And my overall end game scoring progress has taken a dive too. I’m the last out of the three of us by some margin now. Smugness, it seems, only lasts a day or so for me.

Which is annoying.

There’s two games back. I still can’t win because I don’t have a body, but I’d like to give those two buggers a run for their money…

.. but I won’t.

The wheels will entirely come off my wagon when we play the final two games. And then I’ll get talked into a new campaign as a different character…

And the cycle will repeat itself.

God damn it.