Aug 26, 2020: Mandatory

I’ve been getting the bus to work on a few days this week, and it’s good to see that the mask skills are not just limited to the occasional Sunday afternoon bus.

This morning, there were five or six of us on the bus, so the figures are still way down on normal and there’s plenty of social distance betwixt us all. Which is just as well really when you’ve got people without masks getting on.

Masks are mandatory on public transport. That’s a thing. Mandatory means compulsory or required by law. Pretty much it means just fricking do it.

I think, come the end of 2020, the Dictionary people are going to come up with their new words for the year which will all be pandemic related, and then say that they’re going to revise the definition of “mandatory” to just be “do it if you feel like it, or not, it’s up to you”.

Because fucking hell…

Anyway, so one guy didn’t have a mask on.

But if anyone had done an audit of the bus they would have discovered the correct number of masks being worn for the people on the bus.

Because one guy was wearing two.

Two masks. On his one face. Two masks keeping him and others safe from coronaviru… oh, no, wait, he’s just turned round and neither of the two masks he’s wearing are over his nose.

Nope, as you were.

It really doesn’t bode well for an area that’s in a state of local lockdown – during which we have (as a district) managed to increase our infection rates – when we can’t wear the masks properly.

Luckily my mask stops people seeing I’m mouthing the words “fucking idiot” at them, so I’m going to keep wearing mine.