Aug 27, 2020: Broken Coding

We took to the internet for games night last night, as well as to a pad of paper and some pencils (or pens in some cases) to play more Break The Code. But this time, the three player varient.

Which we played wrongly for the first three rounds. We played it as the four player version – where everyone disclosed their answers, as opposed to the three player where the non-askers disclosed and the asker shut the hell up.

I don’t think anyone gained any advantages from that, though, as we all struggled to guess the remaining numbers with varying degrees of success and all netted one game each.

The first game, though, wasn’t about who could work things out the quickest or the best. It became a competition as to who could make the best notes.

Nik used a sheet of A4, Carole used a sheet of A4 and the front and back of an envelope that she found.

I used the top 10 lines of a foolscap page. Where Nik had scribbles aplenty and Carole had notes everywhere, mine was all arranged neatly and succinctly in those ten lines.

I could fit three whole games onto one side of A4. Carole and Nik were burning through paper like it was growing on trees.

And I’m not saying that my organisational skills were to thank for how well I fared but… I mean, I did win overall. So, maybe it was. Or maybe it was actually just a fluke and I got lucky that Carole, for some reason, cocked up the colours of some numbers that I had which meant she got the final reveal wrong.

I’d like to think it was the neatness of my workings, though.

It had to come to the fore at some point in my life…