Aug 30, 2020: There’s A Cat In The Kitchen… Sort Of… What Am I Gonna Do?

That interloping cat is back.

Even as I’ve been sitting here, at the computer, it’s poking its face through the cat flap and I’m having to sit silently, in the semi-dark listening for it.

It’s not coming all the way in, because it’s retreating too quickly once it gets a clue someone/something is in the house and moving.

It’s very annoying.

It’s annoying because I’d like to see it for myself and know if it’s a kept cat or just one fending for itself on the rough streets. Not that that matters as Carole has made it very clear that I am not to befriend it in any way. But its actions lead me to believe it might be more street than kept. Or it’s just a greed little sod, that eats other cats food and attacks their bin bags for further scraps.

Judging by the speed it’s coming in – which is to say glacial – it must spend almost all of the night slowly edging its way through the cat flap. I assume it speeds up when presented with food and a bag of rubbish to rip into.

I have a webcam that we’re toying with setting up, just filming the kitchen like some sort of David Attenborough wannabe to find out what the heck is happening. And, to be fair, it would also possibly help solve the mystery of the nightly slug trail… Although a slug could, reasonably, get both into and out of the house through the cat flap in the time the interloping cat is dicking about.

There’s a lot going on in our kitchen, it seems…

Filming it just seems like a very weird thing to do…