Sep 1, 2020: Cat-ch

The interloping cat stuck its head in again tonight.

I think, anyway.

I heard the cat flap go, and I kept very, very quiet. I sat still, I listened, I paused everything I was doing. I just waited, hoping that a cat would have slinked into the kitchen and I could catch it in a dramatic “ha-ha!” moment before it flew up in the air, scared, and smashed through the cat flap leaving a cat shaped hole in the plastic.

But no.

None of that.

It just backed out, probably before I even got to it.

It’s annoying now. I’m not going to lie. I’m beginning to doubt it’s even there. If I hadn’t seen it the other week I’d be inclined to believe that rather than a cat, it’s just a poltergeist who’s an absolute dick and is pretending to be a cat. Or a poltergeist that used to be a cat, I suppose. Whichever of those is the most likely. Having been watching some of the unexplained video channels on the internet recently, I am almost sure I could film the cat flap opening and send it to them and they’d almost categorically state that it was definitely a cat-poltergeist out for mischief and state a load of things that can be seen in the video that definitely don’t happen.

I’m going to have to set up the webcam, or get the trail camera the next time we go over to my mums and rig it up on something like I’m trying to get footage of Bigfoot.

Either that or slide the table that I’m working on across the carpet so I’m sitting directly facing the door and just peering over the top of this monitor periodically to see if I can catch it in action.

Why can’t it just be that pregnant one from the other week, gently lowering kittens through the cat flap because it knows they’d be safe here? Why does it have to be a greedy vandal of a cat?

Or a ghost…

I’mma catch it though. You see if I don’t…