Sep 3, 2020: More Games Ruined

We made a deal, after last Thursday’s game night, that we would make a decision on what we would play this week by the end of the weekend.

We did not do that. Which meant that we were batting around ideas for previously played games yesterday in a hope of coming up with something to do. We settled on Roll Player, with the monsters and minions expansion, because we liked it.

Daniel was free to play this week.

I mean…


I had absolutely the worst game I have ever played in my life. Ever. And probably the worst game I ever will play.

I had such bad dice, and couldn’t see any way out of it, so I ended up settling for some things which – in my mind, at least – would make up for the lack of points I’d be getting for completing objectives.

They didn’t.

I fought some monsters and found out what the end battle goals were, so that I knew from quite early on in the game that I was not going to be getting any combat dice towards the final battle. And that became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I had one dice to roll in the final battle. You had to roll eight or more to even get one point. You can’t do that on one die, I think you’re all aware.

Carole and Daniel had so many dice they got eight points off the final battle.

Eight points was just under half of my total final score.

So yeah, I was buggered from the get go.

Daniel won, by virtue of having a few trait cards to score at the end. Carole came second, having given the ginger winner a run for his money. Nik came in third and I spent a few hours of my life not getting anything to reward myself for my efforts – apart from a bit of down time while everyone else was tallying up their gargantuan scores…

Obviously we’ll never be playing the game again.

And Nik is going to burn his physical copy…