Sep 5, 2020: Weird Days

Being back at work is great – it wasn’t, as I think I mentioned, but it has been starting to feel more and more like the times of old. And that was great. And it’s great to see teams again tackling the rooms. And it’s amazing to see my room up and running.

But it’s still weird.

Because no-one’s really partaking of the games at the weekends.

We’ve become insanely popular in the 10am game slots, but when it comes to weekends there’s just one or two games and that’s it. We’ll occasionally have a spurt where going in for one game will find you in for four of them, but that’s only happened a couple of times.

Otherwise it’s dead.

Which is worrying. And weird.

I can kind of see that people wouldn’t necessarily want to be locked in a room having spent three or four months bouncing off their own walls during lockdown. And I understand that it might be an expense that people aren’t willing to spend at this uncertain time, but even so, it’d be nice to see people playing and having fun on a more regular basis.

It’s really weird though because when I’m not working I’m essentially on call – I could have to go in for a game at any time. There are the short notice people who are like “oh, could we play now?” and one of us has to get into town and get set up and everything and then the team that was so eager to play immediately will then turn up way later than they agreed to. But there’s also the people who give us a decent amount of time to get in. Both of these types of people are scarily quiet at the moment. During the week I don’t tend to think much of being on call – I’ll start stuff and potentially have to say no to the last minute games if I’m juggling bread or whatever, but on a weekend I expect to be on call – I fully expect a call – and so I sort of adjust my day accordingly.

I’m never doing anything that I can’t stop almost immediately. There’s no elaborate cooking projects or whatever. I’m just in a limbo of not being able to do much, but then annoyingly later realising that I could have done TONS OF THINGS because I’m still at home and most definitely not getting any calls in to work.

It’s a very strange time.

I don’t like it.

I’d quite like to run some games, in all honesty…