Sep 6, 2020: Vetting

Peppa went to the vets today for her delayed boosters and to dodge the wrath of the angry vet nurse people who rang me angrily the other week.

I was told, in no uncertain terms, when I made the appointment about all the things that needed to be done when we arrived.

We had to wait outside and call through to find out if we could enter. Only one person was allowed in each waiting room at once, masks must be worn at all times. Only one person could go into the examination room, and again masks must be worn. All that jazz.

So we got there, and I rang. And there was no answer.

Carole buggered off to deal with something else in a different shop, and I was just in the car park with Peppa, trying to find out if I could go in for her appointment.

I rang again. No answer.

I rang again. No answer.

I rang again. The line cut out. No answer.

It got to appointment time, I tried ringing again. No answer. I just meandered in, Peppa in tow, and hung about near the desk until I could announce my presence. “Oh yeah, that’s fine, ” she says. “The phones have been mental this morning…”

I would argue they’d be less mental if you answered them, or had someone in place to answer them, but hey ho…

So I waited. And waited. And waited. I arrived, I shall remind you, at the time of the appointment. Peppa was seen some thirty minutes later. It was a bit of a shitshow, to be honest, from an organisational point of view.

But Peppa was great – lulling the vet and the nurse (in the big thick gloves) into a false sense of security with her gentle lolling, before she starting hissing a bit when the injection came (because, as has been mentioned, she’s too bloody clever for her own good). And post-injection the nurse stroked her and was like “see, it wasn’t that bad…” and Peppa nearly took her finger off… while I just leant in and gently stroked her on the nose with nary a woe.

That’s what you get for keeping us waiting… like I say, Peppa’s a very clever cat.