Sep 10, 2020: Isle Of Cats

Or, if you say it quickly enough, I love cats.

It’s a game, in which you fit cats in weird Tetris-y shapes onto a boat. Your goal is to fill the boat completely, leave no space uncovered. You can get treasures which you can use to fill the gaps. And special powerful cats with larger shapes and more wiggly perimeters. It’s Patchwork, kind of, but with felines – and a bit of card drafting and cunning thinking involved too.

I sucked at it.

I like Patchwork, but it’s a game I have never achieved a positive score on. Ever. You lose so many points for leaving empty squares that I just haemorrhage any progress I have made laying patches.

The same could be said here. I played aggressively from the get go. And died on my arse. Carole asked, after the game, where she thought I went wrong. Partly, I deduced, it was that I played a card where you earned one point per particular cat colour on your ship, chose green and then didn’t get any green cats. Partly it was because I spent all my money on the cards, leaving me very little for cat-bribery. And partly it was because I was rubbish at it. I thought I had a plan. I didn’t have a plan.

I have a better plan for a second game of it.

Now I’ve seen some of the cards in the pack, I know I could sacrifice a few points to gain a net profit points wise. Although it’s a bold move and one that will bite me in the arse if the card I’m hoping for doesn’t come out. Which it possibly wouldn’t from a deck of 150, and that’s assuming another rival player doesn’t get it and keep it for themselves…

There’s a lot to consider.

I did enjoy it though. It’s definitely a game that needs to be played physically, though. The Tabletopia version is fine but there’s a lot of fiddly shizz that isn’t handled particularly well at the moment – improvements may be made, and it’ll be great if they are. It ticked the box for getting my money’s worth out of the premium membership though. We’ve played free games for the past few weeks and it annoys me that I’m not getting much of my £8.01 investment back if we do that…

I do fare better at the free games, though…