Sep 14, 2020: Messy

I went into work today to run a freebie – a game, in this case, for someone who used to work with us at the old site but then turned traitor and found a proper job.

I got in, as is my way, hugely early and had a good mooch around work doing odds and sods of things – filling up the hand sanitisers and little things like that – and then set up the room for them to play. They were playing Cape Escape, the room I designed, so it was nice that I was in to run it.

Or so I thought.

My beautiful room.

They trashed it.

I will just point out, again, that one of the people playing it – and the main culprit when it came to mess making – was someone who used to work in an escape room and was someone who used to complain – at length – about the state of rooms after teams had left them.

She was just chucking stuff all over the shop – at one point she pulled some fabric drawers out of a unit and just chucked them on the floor. And if they were subsequently in her way? Oh, just boot them across the floor to somewhere more convenient.

It was horrifying to watch, to be honest.

They’d done a similar thing in Cabin, to be fair. No team before or since has left Cabin in the mess that they left it, and there’s not even that much stuff that can be messed up in there either, but they managed it.

The enjoyment at this messy pile did come, though, as they buried something that was quite important to their escape under the mess and wasted quite a bit of time searching for it. I did laugh at that. I am a bad person.

In contrast, I will say that I – if anything – am a neater room player now than I was before (and even then I wasn’t that messy). I would say that working in a room has led to a respect for things, and the order thereof.

They’ve played all the rooms now, though, so until the fourth room is designed and built we’re safe.

Maybe we’ll plan a room with no items in it…