Sep 18, 2020: Spaced Out

I’ve found a downside to lockdown and the whole covid-19 situation that I didn’t realise would be something we’d come across.

We watched an episode of Bargain Hunt today which was clearly filmed post-Lockdown. Everything was socially distanced. The experts didn’t look at the bargains that much at all, instead encouraging the contestants to look at tell them what they’d seen. It was all socially distanced.

But when it’s socially distanced, that’s pretty much all you comment on throughout the whole show.

Oh yeah, you’ll go, you can tell it’s socially distanced. Oh it’s definitely filmed at a distance. Oh look at the distance.

Just that. All the time.

I mean, it’s great that in the future we’re going to be able to look back and see shows made during the Covid times and know that’s what happened – or that we’ll be able to explain to people about the before times and the after times. Or whatever.

But honestly, we’re going to end up giving away so much time commenting on it nowadays that it’s going to be a pandemic of its own.

And that was just Bargain Hunt, complete with its outdoor auctions. We’re not going to apply, we decided, until hugging the experts in times of joy is back on the table. Unless it’s Gary Pe.

But yeah, we’ve got socially distanced House Of Games to get through soon… weeks of going “oh look how far apart they are…” every time. Each chair a good Richard Osman from the next, instead of the cosy comfort of earlier series. And not an episode will go by without some reference, by us, to the before times and how things have changed.

These after times are going to be hard work!