Sep 20, 2020: Whut?

I have, over the past few months, been watching an awful lot of YouTube things – whether it’s Outside Xbox and/or Xtra who have been putting on a plentiful amount of extra streams since the end of the before times, or just the ridiculous ghost videos that I laugh at almost every single time.

So I have, I would think, skipped around a gazillion adverts for all sorts of ridiculous things – stocks and shares trading, that bloke you’ve never heard of telling you the secrets to getting rich, so many adverts for voucher-hunting and data-collecting browser add on Honey and chuff knows what else.

Skipped them all. Skip skip skip.

Until tonight.

When I watched open-mouthed as an advert promising to solve every man’s problem with women appeared.

Because what?

It’s 2020, for goodness sake. It was the least 2020 advert I have ever seen (although due to it’s horrific nature, actually a spot on 2020 advert as well).

It was an advert from a self-proclaimed dating expert who is a mentor to over one million men worldwide. He’s a best-selling amazon author. He’s amazing. Basically. And everyone should listen to him because he understands how women work and how you can bed any woman.

I mean, you can see why I was a little taken aback by it.

The other thing about the advert that struck me was that it used phrases which, while not directly lifted from, were startling close to those used by a kid who decided that women needed to pay for ignoring him and then went on a shooting rampage at his school.

It was very much an advert designed to tap in to any insecurities men may have about the opposite sex or, god forbid, only being friends with a woman and not shagging her brains out every couple of minutes.

It was bloody weird.

I looked him up, because why the hell wouldn’t you when such claims are presented.

He’s written, as far as I can tell, three books. Two of which are only dusty footnotes to his Amazon best-selling claim – one of those is called “66 texts which make women chase you for sex”.

It sells for sixty-six dollars and markets itself as an ebook learning course over sixty-six chapters. Some chapters have screenshots of Andrew’s actual texts with women.

A review of it contains a paragraph which starts “I slept with two women after reading through the entire product…”

Sadly his other course/book “Charming AF” isn’t available anymore. Presumably because that only had 33 suggested texts and a mere 7 dates guaranteed to end in sex…

His one of Amazon is called “The Single Guy’s Guide To Getting Your S**t together” which is, of course, to drop £11 on a book which promises to stop you going on dates with, and I quote, “mediocre women”.

I didn’t skip the ad. And I’ve Googled him. Which leads me to believe my targeted adverts are going to be a lot more – what’s the wording I want? – incredibly sexist for a while.