Sep 25, 2020: Really?

I did a survey for Xbox this morning. Nothing fancy, nothing exclusive. Just a survey because I said, “hey, I’ll do surveys” on a thing one time, and so I get them from time to time. Quite a lot of that time I have been too slow in responding and not been able to take part, but for the last couple – thanks, in no small part, to the lockdown world – I’ve been able to hop on in and give my thoughts. Particularly in the spaces where I can type things – I really enjoy those!

I did one for Battletoads not so long ago, and today’s one was about the really quite excellent game Tell Me Why which I enjoyed so much that I played through episode one, made a decision I regretted almost immediately after making it and stopped playing (for now) reasoning that I’d wait for all three parts and a time when I could play the whole thing through. And that I could start again and not make that same decision.

But anyway, that was the survey.

Did I like the game? Yes. Did I like the characters? Yes. Could I write a bit about each character if I was asked to? Yes. Was it a good game? Yes. You know, all the usual stuff. Were the graphics nice? Did it play well? All that shizz that I would have written in a Ready Up review in the olden days, but in survey form.

The survey ends with a section – 15% of the questions, technically – about the state of gaming in general with regards to the LGBTQIA community.

It asks, for starters, whether or not you think the LGBTQIA community should be included in games. To which the answer is obviously yes because why the frick shouldn’t they be included in games?

Which becomes clear as you get to the next bit – and it’s a bit of the survey which, if anything, paints the gaming community in a shitty light. Which, in a way, is fair because there are a huge portion of gamers who are absolute fucking arseholes. There are also a decent bunch of us that are nice. But we make a lot less noise, I think,

Anyway, the questions are whether or not you’re comfortable with a variety of LGBTQIA-centric things – a picture, say, on a desk in a game showing a same-sex wedding or same sex characters holding hands.

Or if you’d be okay playing online with someone who was LGBTQIA.

There’s not, I assume, a different survey asking members of the LGBTQIA community if they’re okay playing online with a bigoted arsehole…

I mean having said that, one of Carole’s relatives is insanely racist and once refused to play a game of Kinect Sports golf because the computer had randomly chosen a black character for him. So I guess people like that do exist.

But still…

It’s 2020.

We’re supposed to be better than this…