Oct 2, 2020: Unlucky

Just a quick entry this one to mark the historic day where Donald Trump has both got, and been hospitalised for, a disease he has spent the last six months branding a hoax and a conspiracy to make him lose the Presidential election.

And yet he’s got it.

It’s probably something to do with all those big rallies he’s been holding inside where no-one was wearing a mask.

Or all the other things he’s been doing when he’s not been wearing a mask.

The problem is, though, that however this story plays out it’s going to be a shit show. If he dies then it’ll be the greatest disaster ever to befall a president ever, even the ones who were assassinated. The US will sue China for letting that man eat that bat that one time and leading to the death of the President and the 2020 narrative will continue to play out.

Or, he survives. And then he becomes the only President in history to recover from Covid. Or Covid is not a big deal, it was just a sissy disease and he easily beat it. It’s nothing to worry about. Everyone should get it. It’s fine. Everyone should stop wearing masks and start licking each other post haste. And something about how Muslims are bad – you know, for good measure. And the 2020 narrative continues to play out.

Neither option is great. Even the other people who have tested positive – and the ones who probably will when they get round to testing the people who, I don’t know, hand feed the President his burgers – they won’t matter to Trump and his narrative. Even if they all died and he was left in the midst of a pile of bodies, he’s still say that it just proved him the best and them the weakest and…


There literally couldn’t be a worse person who you really want to catch a killer disease but that you really don’t want them to get it because of the publicity it would give either them or their cause.

Oh, maybe Jim Corr off of the Corrs, he’d possibly be slightly worse.

I mean, we thought it was bad when Linda Lusardi was Instagramming her entire illness process.