Oct 3, 2020: Weird Day

A Saturday at home is a very weird thing for me nowadays.

Especially when I have a job which is – usually – at its busiest at the weekends.

But here I am, at home, work free (or work less, depending how you want to look at it and/or how depressed you want to make yourself with regards to it) and at home.

Carole was also at home today, having had her planned friend meet-up cancelled due to a possible Covid contact on her friend’s end. So we were at home together. On a Saturday.


We put up shelves.

I’m forty-three years old. There are a number of things I am comfortable with and a number of things I am not. Drilling holes into things is one of the things I am not comfortable with. Still. I don’t like it. It’s not my cup of tea. I feel that I wasted many years of my youth watching and “helping” my dad do DIY tasks without actually learning anything. I was always just holding things, or passing things or whatever. I should have been saying things like “how would I do that?” or “how would I even go about doing that?”

You know, useful shit. Instead of, at forty three, drilling into things and the sound of the drill hiding my cries of fear.

Especially in this house.

We put up two shelves. Each shelf has three screws. That’s six holes to be drilled.

Here’s how that went.

Five of the holes, the drill went through the wall like a hot knife through butter. One of them it was considerably harder.

I feel like given it was the same wall and the screws are only a couple of feet from each other that they should all have been on the harder side. Having a wall that’s hard fills me with more confidence that having a wall that you just turn on a drill near it and you’ve already drilled your hole. The easy holes were the kind of thing where I was glad I was using a measuring rod on the drill otherwise I can’t help thinking I’d have been drilling through a bag of pasta in the kitchen or something.

Not to mention, the shelves were an excellent way of finding out just how bulgy our walls are.

We decided to do the middle screw first, and then we could adjust the shelf for level and drill the other holes by rotating the shelf around on the middle screw.

A genius idea if – and this is a big if – the walls in your home don’t bulge out imperceptibly, but also at the same time enough to bring an easily rotatable shelf to a grinding halt.

It was worrying to say the least.

Still, it’s done now. We have one more shelf. I quite fancy putting it up in the kitchen because it feels like it would be good in there for something. One of the walls in the kitchen contains an actual bricked up window – not just the opening, the actual window. It’s things like that that make me not trust this house.

The wall that contains the window, or what’s left of it after a boiler installation broke some of it many years ago, is one of my favourites for where to put the shelf.

I don’t think I want to, though.