Oct 4, 2020: Sunday Bloody Sunday

It’s been one of those days again today, fuelled almost entirely by a lack of work for me, again. A whole weekend at home, with no work, is unheard of and it’s like being back in proper everything shut lockdown again, except that I have to pay attention to every beep and chirp of my phone in case it turns out to be some work.

I definitely miss that element of lockdown. Phone on airplane mode, not having to worry about anything from the outside world. But now it’s just annoying when everything’s quiet.

But anyway, we’ve managed to get a load of stuff to the tip again.

We’re onto the attic now, with a view to clearing space so that we can move stuff from the bedroom up there which will allow us to decorate in there unimpeded because, at the moment, it’s like one of those sliding square puzzles where you have to move everything to make one bit of space. And that will not make a happy redecorate.

The problem with the attic is that stuff goes up there and then it’s out of sight and out of mind, and when stuff comes back down your first thought tends to be “why the fuck did we put that up there in the first place?” or “just how many Really Useful Boxes did Carole buy, and why aren’t they as Really Useful as they promised?”

Or sometimes both.

But we’re getting there in a disorganised, who knows what will come down next kind of way. There’s a lot of stuff up there, apparently (I don’t know, it’s through a small hatch in the top of a cupboard for some stupid reason so I ain’t doing that else I’ll need to be rescued by the Fire Brigade and by smearing myself in butter so I slide through the hole).

We need to get rid of as much as possible, so that we can fill the void with stuff that we currently do use or have or whatever. That we’ll forget about once it goes up there. And will probably remain up there as we enjoy an empty bedroom free of clutter.

Until we buy more clutter to replace the clutter that we put in the loft to replace the clutter that we took out of the loft and threw away.

Not that I can buy any clutter, because there’s no work at the moment anyway…

It’s a vicious circle…