Oct 5, 2020: Oh, I Forgot We Even Had That

As part of our house emptification project, eyes turned to the top of the kitchen cupboards. A place which appears to be, on face value, a lovely place to store things but is, in reality, terrible.

The top of the kitchen cupboards is the place that things we have gotten that are sort of ornamental, but also not, go to die. For example, a Lurpak butter dish with the little trombone dude from the adverts. That lived up there. It got dirty. It no longer lives up there.

Or a flower pot holder thing shaped like a person with the top of their head removed because you have to put the flower pot in.

Or a very, very small ice cream maker shaped like a penguin that we used once.

We don’t need that. We have a full-sized ice cream maker that we have used once that we can use instead. Which reminds me, we should make some ice cream.

Or a mug shaped like Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc – something which seems like a great idea but is actually the most impractical shape for a mug you could possibly ever have, other than – say – a plate.

Or just a random bag of stuff that we’d gather up, put in a bag and put it on top of the cupboards.

The top of the kitchen cupboards is some sort of poor man’s shed or attic. If you’re consigned to the top of the cupboards you’re not deemed worthy enough for one of the two other dumping grounds we favour and, possibly, are going to come back into circulation.

Except it’s the top of the kitchen cupboards and no-one ever looks up there…

Now I just need to get up there with the steam cleaner and clean the top of the cupboards.

Nothing more fun than balancing on a ladder with a pressurised steam vessel.