Oct 6, 2020: On Board

At the start of this year, or close to it at least, Carole set a challenge on an app she downloaded to be super nerdy about board games.

She spent a leisurely goodness knows how long putting all of our board games (or most of them, we have to keep adding a straggler every now and again) onto the app and told the app that we would play each one of them once during the course of the year.

Something which, when she did it, seemed impossible.

But then lockdown happened and… we didn’t play that many games while we were down and locked. And when we did, we did it digitally with Nik or Daniel or Joe and Addy (and got a lot of grey hairs in the process).

We still have thirty something games waiting to be played, I think.

And to make it even worse, I’ve put orange post-it tabs on the ones we still have to crack on with. So they’re all looking at us, taunting us with the lack of playing. Some of them are quickies, some of them are hefty several hour long commitment-fests.

I think we need to play about three a week to get to our arbitrary target.

And that’s before you factor in that it’s Amazon Prime day in a week or so and last year I cleaned up on all sorts of board games on there.

Oh and there’s a couple of Kickstarter things arriving before Christmas as well…

I’m not sure we’re going to make it. Not helped by the fact that I keep looking on the shelf and thinking “Oh, I’d like to play that” only to notice no orange sticker, which immediately rules it out (I’m looking at you Quacks Of Quedlinburg, or you, Sagrada).

And I don’t know what not meeting a target like that will do to Carole.

She bloody loves a target, does that woman.

I’m surprised she’s not ruling us with a rod of iron over the next two and a half months…