Oct 7, 2020: Temp

In an effort to be more Covid savvy, we have invested in a thermometer that we can point at each other and take our temperatures with.

Carole decided that as we both have elderly parents that we could, as we lovingly refer to it, Phil Dunphy if we exposed them to the germs (a reference to a tiny bit of Modern Family in which Phil is describing going to visit his Gran when he had a cold and how she died shortly after, but he’s completely oblivious to the fact that the two events are related) we should be more cautious and if we take our temperatures before any visits we can at least be certain that we’re alive but not ill.

So far, Carole has taken her temperature at any given opportunity.

She even, tonight while I was at work, took her temperature before, during and after her evening meal to see what affect the “meat sweats” had on her after eating a portion of lasagne.

Science is happening in this house, people.

Basically, nothing. There was a shift of 0.2 of a degree during the meal but I think that could be written off to changes in ambient temperature rather than the influence of slow cooked beef mince. We’d need to do further testing.

Which given there’s some leftovers for tomorrow, could well happen.

She’s also tried to take the temperature of the cat.

By the time we need this thermometer to prevent the aforementioned Dunphying of the parental units the batteries will be flat, such is the vigor with which she uses it.

I’m sure there will be pre- and post-shower testing to see what sort of temperature change the hot water can elicit. Probably one or two post-run red-faced testings just to see what that’s all about and who knows what else..

I mean, if I’d known this was going to bring so much joy we could have invested in one of these much earlier in our lives.

Sadly, as it’s only a body thermometer, I can’t point it at my cooking to see what wonders are going on there.

But then, maybe it’s for the best that this one has a very specific useage window, otherwise Carole would be off cataloguing the temperature of everything, building up a database like some sort of bat-shit crazy Sherlock Holmes-type…