Oct 8, 2020: Code Breaking

We took Break The Code on a four-player adventure tonight, with all of us trying to work out the identity of four tiles in the middle of the play area.

We played three games over a couple of hours and spent probably upwards of twenty minutes discussing the rules with regards to whether you could ask questions and guess, or whether it was one or the other (it’s one or the other) and how it’s not fair that if you go first in a round you are at a disadvantage when it comes to guessing. That one came up a lot.

Except you’re not. Because everyone has different numbers and some of those numbers might be incredibly advantageous to know when it comes to guessing the final tiles. So it all works out in the wash.

However, it because another game that Daniel ruined, with a couple of wins to one from me and Carole. Nik played as well, but he was not enjoying the maths of it in the slightest from what I could gather of his pained shouts of “what?!?” anytime anyone made reference to having worked out another player’s numbers.

The best news, though, was that Tabletopia has added Quacks to its roster of games. Which means that we’ll be busting out some potion-making shenanigans next week (and Daniel will win, ruining for everyone involved and we’ll have to destroy our physical copy).

We’re also petitioning to get the group playing Among Us as well because it’s a nice social deduction game. The only downside is we have to bring Addy and Joe back into the fold to boost the numbers a little bit. Or anyone we can find really, I guess. Just to make a nice amount of people that we can cruelly murder, or not murder, depending on whether we’re evil or not.

And if we’re not evil to just accuse Daniel of being evil for shits and giggles.