Oct 12, 2020: Third

Charterstone has come to end once more.

It wasn’t a perfect game – at least one building or crate containing the aforementioned building disappeared during the course of the game, but it was fun. It was fun. I will admit it.

And even if I didn’t win, I did have that one brief game where I had edged ahead in the end game scoring before the universe realised it had made a mistake and bumped me back down to earth again.

Surprisingly, mainly for him, Daniel did not win overall. Carole had put in a stellar performance over the campaign, winning more games that anyone else and she played the final round like a true champ, going into it in second place but pulling off some great tactical play to edge into the lead and snatch victory from the hands of a pale-skinned ginger person.

Almost as soon as it ended, though, Daniel was asking when we could play it again.

I think we might just need a break from it. Maybe a month or two. Just to move away from the buildings and the resources. Even though we love it to pieces (and despite all my complaints, I do) it’s not one to play in solid rotation, starting a new campaign before the ink on the old one is dry.

We need a breather. I’ll have to see what else is out there in the land of Steam. Gloomhaven’s kicking about. The heaviest board game ever, in digital form, seems like a shrewd investment. And I think it’s co-op. But whether the Dungeons and Dragons-esque element would grip our overseas branch of the online games club is another matter.

You know, if he can’t outright win will he even want to play?