Oct 13, 2020: Chilled

These are things that we know to be true:

Carole does not like the cold. She will avoid it where possible, crawl under a blanket or demand the heating be put on.

However, for some reason the hour before she leaves for work must be some of the warmest time she spends alive. That’s all I can surmise.

Because I stay in bed while she flits about and gets ready. It’s easier that way, I’m out of the way. I can’t be accused to sabotaging her preparation process by going in the bathroom at the wrong time, or getting in the way in one room or another. I just stay in bed with all my limbs inside the vehicle at all times.

I get up not long after she’s gone, though. We’ve fallen into a nice routine now where the morning is the time I cobble together the bits and bobs for our evening meal, that way if I am called away to work there’s still something ready for Carole that can be cooked easily enough, or there are fallback plans and we can have whatever I’ve prepared on the following day. Likewise, if I get up early and make bread, then it can be pretty much out of the way by lunchtime so that, again, I can be free to go to work without it fucking up any amount of culinary work and/or wasting food.

Not that work is busy at the moment, with the most recent waves of covid measures. But that’s another, more depressing, story.

Anyway, this morning I came down to make bread.

If there’s one thing bread likes, it’s a nice warm environment for the dough to prove.

The kitchen was not that today. Carole had been warm, I assume, because the kitchen window was open and it was colder than a witch’s tit in there.

I shut the window, sure, but the room didn’t get to a very warm proving level. I had to improvise a proving area using a stepladder and the radiator (so as to not get the dough too hot, but just to generally introduce it to some warmth) whilst not getting it in any breeze that may or may not come through the door via the cat flap.

It was complicated.

She’s working from home tomorrow, though.

Hopefully she doesn’t get as warm on those days…