Oct 14, 2020: Home Robot Lady

We have decided, what with it being Prime Day time, that we will completely Alexa the house, having devices in all the main rooms so that we can chat through the house without yelling up and down the stairs.

We have even, in what might turn out to be our greatest mistake ever, decided to provide my mother with her own device as well so that she can get cross with something other than us and then ring us to complain that it doesn’t work properly.

Or, even worse, call into our Echo dots from her Echo dot.

Which is a feature we’ll be disabling as quickly as possible if that’s the case!

I spent tonight trying to sort out the one in the kitchen. It’s been a fun ride, setting up fine and dandy thanks to Amazon’s clever storing of Wi Fi details so that it can connect you straight out of the box.

I mean, it did that, and it was fine. But then it decided that it wasn’t on the same network. Or that any of the other devices in the house didn’t have the capability to do what they’ve been doing for months now, and a variety of other issues.

It’s also English English, whereas our existing two are American English. And if I try to change it to American it gets cross with me and says I might lose functionality. So I’ll change our existing ones to English English instead. Just for some level of consistency.

Still it’s nice to have one in the kitchen for a variety of kitchen based timers which normally have to be set in the front room and an ear kept out for them going off.

If it can do timers. I haven’t asked. She might just say she can’t do that either because for whatever reason she’s being bolshy.

Maybe she’ll have settled in by tomorrow.

Or, you know, maybe we’ll have bought a small electronic paperweight.

Who the hell knows…