Oct 15, 2020: Quacking Up

Games night, with a will-he, won’t-he appearance from Daniel as he realised that the work he thought he had on tonight was actually for tomorrow.

We decided to play the digitial, Tabletopia version of Quacks of Quedlinberg or however we fancy spelling it. It’s a game we like and that I actually got for my birthday but that I suck at when it comes to the all important winning part. Which is to say that I have not done the winning part. At all. Ever.

Maybe tonight, though.

I mean, I was in the lead for probably seven of the nine rounds. But I just pushed my luck too far, further than I would have in the physical game I dare say. Because the digital one tells you how many tokens you have in your bag at any time, which means that you can work out the probabilities of going tits up, whereas in the physical game you can just kind of feel how much you may or may not have left and you have to go from there.

Every time I pushed, I got bitten. It wasn’t pretty. Pots exploded left, right and centre. And when pots explode you can either score points, or buy more tokens for your bag (and therefore make it more likely to draw a decent token over a pot destroying one). One or the other. And I went points every time because I’m greedy.

But actually, I should have bought some more tokens and played the odds a bit more, which would hopefully have slowed down my exploding and put me higher up the scoring chart.

But anyway, I was in the lead for seven of the nine rounds.

And it was an uphill struggle against every sort of technical issue known to man.

But in the end I finished in joint second with Daniel who has never played the game before. Never played the game before and he did just as well as someone who has played before and should have known not to push his luck too much.

For chuff’s sake…

Don’t know what we’re doing next week. We could all be in the grips of Tier 3 lockdown depression by then so we’d probably be happy with anything…

Still, I should probably have a look and pick something that I’m really good at.

Like, erm…

… oh there must be something.