Oct 17, 2020: Sleeved

We have embarked on a journey which, I think, is best described as a very slippery slope to be on.

We’ve started sleeving cards in our board games – in particular, with Pandemic because it is really suffering from constant shuffling, crushing the cards in frustration and tears of failure.

Our sleeves are not the best as we’ve got opaque backed ones, but they still do the job and will keep our cards nice and neat looking, they’re still shuffleable and they’re a joy to hold. Just all the backs look the same, which isn’t really a big deal in the greater scheme of things – after all, the backs are only different to help differentiate the different types of cards, but if you know what you’re doing that doesn’t tend to matter.

Anyway, sleeves.

Sleeves keep your cards free of oil and/or grease, muck, particulates…all sorts of stuff.

Which is great.

Sleeves also increase the size of each of your cards by millimetres.

Which means they no longer fit in the boxes properly.

Which explains why there are so many places that make custom inserts for games. It’s not, as I thought, because people want to look swish and swanky. It’s because they’ve sleeved their cards and now the original box set up has well and truly fucked up. Nothing fits. Lids don’t close. It’s chaos.

But at least the cards will be alright when they inevitably fall out of the box…

It’s also one of the most boring things I’ve ever done. I sleeved close to 200 cards. It seemed to take forever.

And immediately after finishing it, I started looking for what game(s) I could use the remaining 100 sleeves with.

And then started looking up what sleeves I’d need for smaller cards like in, say, Ticket To Ride.

And then I found an entire page on the internet which lists every sleeve size and the games that would fit them.

And then I started pricing it all up…

I can already feel myself sliding. The slope has got me…