Oct 22, 2020: Bringing PC Back

After last night’s high falootin’ jigsaw shenanigans, it’s been back to the grind today. Carole’s done a load of studying, her essay is coming on a treat and I’ve done some washing and made a plum and gingerbread something or other which was both lovely and a good way to find out that Carole doesn’t like plums.

I mean, I don’t like plums. The idea of a plum upsets me. But if you can hide that aforementioned plum in a gingerbready cake mixture I’m all for it.

I wasn’t going to make it. It was supposed to be a baking project for Caz, but she was in a meeting this afternoon and sent a series of texts about really wanting a biscuit, so I thought it would be for the best if I did it.

In other news, the old PC – the one that died in May – is back. And alive.

It’s great to have it back, but the whole experience with Curry’s has been an absolute shit show from start to finish. We took it in, they hung on to it for a month without really doing anything about it. Then they decided to do something about it, but only after Carole chased them up and got managers involved and things. But then they got arsey about the sixty pounds we have to pay to even send the thing away – you know, that they maybe should have taken off us at the start of the whole thing but also which they told us we wouldn’t have to bother with because of reasons.

As it happens, we’ve got that back, because it was a manufacturer’s fault with the main board (which I’d worked out anyway). And we’d kicked up so much stink about it that they did an out of warranty repair for nothing, and so it’s back. And Carole now gets a nice PC to do her studying on as well as her laptop for the more portable elements of it all.

And, most importantly, the PC is free from any connection to work – so she can just use that and not be led astray by people who don’t respect her study mornings and the like.

Or she will get a nice PC to do all her studying on once I’ve dealt with the past five months or so of various upgrades and virus scans that need to be done on the damn thing first. And that’s despite the machine’s efforts to just gather new stuff rather than update the old – the first thing it did when we turned it on and logged in was discover Carole’s new printer and connect itself, without us asking it to. Priorities, machine, priorities.

Maybe that’s how we defeat the robots when they rise… slow them down with printer connections that they just can’t help making.