Oct 24, 2020: Clocking Off

The clocks go back tonight.

And somehow, with all the lockdown and Covid-based stuff, it just doesn’t seem like it makes any difference. I mean, it does, obviously – Carole will spend the next few days saying, “so it’s really…” before adding in a time pre-changes, and it’ll be lighter in the morning and darker in the evening.

But otherwise… it just seems to have arrived with no great pomp and circumstance. There’s not even been the thing there usually is where people are up in arms and say that we shouldn’t adjust the clocks at all and should just spin into more and more encroaching darkness until summer comes along.

Or if there has, it’s been very muted.

It’s just like no-one’s bothered this time.

The clocks going forwards, in spring, fell at the beginning of lockdown as well. I think everyone then was more up beat about everything – it was an adventure we were all embarking on, but now it’s just still here and it’s going to be around for a while and then there’s the people who think it’s all an elaborate conspiracy and an exercise in people management (the most worrying part of all that being that these people are walking around, talking, breathing and interacting with other humans when they believe that the government could actually pull off something this convoluted when, say, the end of 2019 was filled with them making shit decisions over a bell in a clock tower), and it’s just exhausting and no-one cares about the little things like clock movement.

Plus, no-one really wants an extra hour of this shit.

At the start, we were happy to knock an hour off. Now it’s crept back in and we’ve got an extra hour of whatever it is we’re in now. The new normal. Plus one hour.

I guarantee it’ll bugger up something at my mum’s.

We’re going tomorrow morning anyway, luckily and purely coincidentally, but something won’t work right. Or won’t adjust. Or something. It’ll happen. There is so much radio-controlled, automatically adjusting stuff in that house that something won’t do it.

There’s always something.

And it’s never the same thing twice.

And it’s always annoying and, somehow, incredibly important. Even though there are hundreds of other timepieces in the house (only a very slight exaggeration there) which do the same job, whichever one hasn’t worked will be the most important of the lot.

I miss the before times, when people had the time and/or energy to complain about this stuff.