Oct 25, 2020: It’s Happened

Well, it’s happened.

We’ve set my mum up with an Alexa.

It will either prove to be our greatest ever idea, or a massive mistake. But there we go, she’s got her own little dot that she can talk to and ask about the weather and things like that. And, I think, she will do all that. And it will be quite nice for her to have another voice in the house. Even if it’s one that frequently says, “hmmm, I don’t know about that one”.

We’ve also set up the ability for mum to drop in on us, or us to drop in on mum at a moment’s notice. Dropping in is weird, because unless you’re specifically looking at Alexa’s light bar, you don’t know she’s doing it. But it’s a handy thing which mum swears she will only use in an emergency – as I pointed out, if she fell or whatever, her ability to drop in to us would be a lot better than her trying to crawl across the floor to the phone.

Admittedly, she has to fall over within the voice range of Alexa, but still… baby steps.

But she’s set up. And she’s got no possible way to accidentally buy things as no card details have been entered for her or anything. She just has a robot friend in a box who knows crap jokes.

Happy days.

I also took the opportunity to steal the trail camera from my dad’s office so that I can rig it up here and see which cat (or cats) are the interlopers that have been causing us so much trouble.

It’s quite exciting, putting the camera out, and wondering what treats we’ll capture. What night time denizens we might see meandering about. Or whether or not it’ll just catch pictures of nice next-door popping out for a fag at stupid o’clock in the morning because she finds it to be peaceful.

I’m hoping for a wildlife bonanza.

I don’t think we’ll get it, though.

It’ll just be Peppa. In and out. In and out. And the interloper, interloping. And nothing else. All night.

Not even a decent picture of a ghost or a monster that I can put online for people to speculate about…

I’ll put it out in a while, and see what it shows tomorrow…