Oct 26, 2020: Camera Obscura

These are the things the trail camera caught.

Several hugely unflattering photos of me setting it up, going to the bin after I’d set it up, and retrieving it in the morning.

And then around 100 photos of cats.

We did catch the interloper on camera. We couldn’t really tell if it interloped or not, from the pictures so I’ve changed positions for tonight’s shenanigans so that we can hopefully see more of the cat flap.

But it definitely interloped.

At one point, while Peppa just watched it.

Honestly, it makes you proud to be the human responsible for such a territorial creature like Peppa.

In fact, a lot of the pictures are Peppa. Just Peppa mooching. Or Peppa staring directly at the camera because cats can detect UV light, or so it is thought. Or Peppa just sitting directly in front of the camera for twenty minutes or so, keeping an eye on what is happening out and about.

Which, judging by the photos, is fuck all.

Aside from the interloping, which took place two or three times during the night, our garden (or the bit under observation at least) is insanely boring. Nothing.

I wondered if we might get a hedgehog snuffling, or a fox making a beeline for somewhere or even a mouse having a mousely scurry (I mean, there must be mice around because they’ve been in the house via Peppa enough times). Maybe I had a romanticised idea of what we’d see.

I mean, I knew I wouldn’t get a deer. Or whatever else trail cameras are notorious for picking up (monsters, mainly). But three different cats, bookended by a fat bloke going in and out of a house is a bit boring for 111 pictures, don’t ya think?

I’ve put it back out tonight. I’ve changed the angle, for a better view of interloping. I hope to catch more than just cats tonight.

I’ve got a few other places I could rig it up, though, just out of idle curiosity rather than the original intended purpose of unmasking our feline fiend. I wanna see some things, doing things, in groups of three-photo bursts.

Is that too much to ask?