Oct 27, 2020: Unimpressed

Do you want to know the definition of “unimpressed”?

It’s me, looking at the trail camera footage from the night before.

I tried a new position. I spent an absolute bloody age fighting with gravity and the ridiculous fastening mechanism to attach the camera to my new spot. I lined it up with the cat flap. I dodged all the curious looks from the neighbours (because of course 9.30 at night, in the dark, is the time when everyone is outside their houses having a fricking chat).

I did all of that.

For 15 pictures of me walking in and out of the house.

And that was it.

Nothing else.

No cats. No nothing.

Just me.

Me at night going in. Me in the morning coming out.

I don’t understand it.

Either nothing came to visit or the camera was, for some reason, not triggering with anything other than me lumbering out of a door, despite the fact that it’s supposed to pick up things in a 20m radius and that it was pointed directly at the cat flap.

So yeah, that was disappointing. I’ll go back to the other position tonight and see how that turns out. No doubt I’ll pick a time to place it when all the neighbours are, once more, out in force for some reason.

I want to catch more evidence of the cat. The cat that showed up so clearly (and glowing) on the previous night’s stuff. I want to know who it is.

I know it’s not me, looming out of a door way. One suspect has been eliminated.