Oct 28, 2020: Not Missed

I spent the whole day at work today.

What started off as a game this morning had evolved into a game in the afternoon with a ridiculous gap between the two. And then another game came in, but obviously not in that gap because that would be too easy.

When it came to my gap, I could have come home for a couple of hours, or stay at work for the duration and just lounge about and watch videos (and, as it turned out, do a bit of dusting at the same time).

As you can tell, I stayed.

The reason for that being, quite simply, it was too cold to spend time fannying about at bus stops waiting for buses to go home and come back again an hour and a bit later.

Not to mention, as if to underline that decision, the heavens decided to open quite a bit which further cemented my choices.

I did, however, venture to Sainsbury’s for a sandwich for lunch.

You know what I have not missed, throughout all of lockdown. Sainsbury’s.

I mean, partly because we get a weekly delivery. But partly because it used to be a place I’d go just because I had time and was passing and it was somewhere to go. I never needed to go. Often times, I’d just be browsing things in the book aisle.

And then they changed it all about and made the book aisle amount to almost nothing, and it lost a fair bit of appeal for me. But I still went in because old habits die hard.

And then lockdown came along. And I didn’t go in for ages.

And I’m not going in even now I can, unless I have to. Which I did, today, for a sandwich.

I definitely haven’t missed it.

As soon as I walked in I found myself in an aisle with a woman bellowing down her phone at – I assume – a child of some sort about whether or not that had told their dad something. That, coupled with the large number of pensioners who were giving their noses an airing above the top of their masks, really made me not miss it in the slightest.

I had a Pot Noodle in my bag. I generally always have one, so I can have it for lunch if the need arises and I am stuck at work with a multitude of shifts (slight wishful thinking in these current times I think).

I should have stuff with that.

It’s not very exciting, but it’d be less of a horror than nipping to the supermarket for a bit of something.

I think I’ll give the shopping a miss next time…