Nov 1, 2020: Connected

I can only assume that way back in the annals of history, there was a squabble between the Computer family and their neighbours, the Printer family.

Both families were nice, and were friendly and courteous to everyone else they met, but when they ran into each other there was a lot of friction and heated exchanges.

I imagine there were acts carried out by one family which had a detrimental affect on the other, and that this sort of shenanigans took place on both sides. No one side was more or less to blame for the pain and heartache, but neither of them was willing to step back and apologise. No-one wanted to smooth over the problems between them, to mend fences, to strengthen their bond.

I mean, it must be that.

Because fricking hell, that refusal to talk still exists today.

Basically, can you tell I spent a while trying to get the computer to talk to Carole’s printer, and Carole’s printer to bloody well listen to the computer?

What makes the whole thing worse is that the computer – a machine which was not even in working order when Carole got the printer in the first place – was more than aware of its existence and told us it recognised it when we booted the machine up.

It turns out, though, it was just telling us that it knew it was in the presence of its mortal enemy. It wasn’t going to cooperate with it or throw away years of past hatred between the two parties. It was just going to know it was there, and go out of its way to ignore it.


And then, as if that wasn’t enough, it knew it was there but not only refused to listen to it in any way, shape or form but refused to even acknowledge that it could do what everyone knew it could do.

In the end, I had to resort to mediation. I had to draft in a third party. Someone not connected to either side, but through their efforts, helping to connect either side. Even though, at the point when a connection was being formed, both sides said they’d be better off without the mediator.

I saw through the ploy though. I was wise to their game.

The mediator has really come through, brought everyone together.

And people mock me for having a massive box filled with different USBs….