Oct 31, 2020: The Return Of The Lock

So we’re back in a lockdown again from Thursday. We’ve got all the freedoms of a Tier 2 existence until close of play on Wednesday and then it’s a lockdown until the beginning of December.

It’s a non-essential things shut down, keeping schools and the like open because parents reported that having their kids under their feet during the first lockdown was a fucking nightmare. Or because someone’s said it’s important not to distrupt the learning.

But most things have to have a bit of spin put on them to hide the actual truth I guess…

So, yeah, that’s me back off work again for a bit. Getting to go back in December should tap into some sort of Christmas shenanigans market – although what the restrictions on that will be remains to be seen and will affect things, of that I have no doubt. And that’s if we’re even allowed out in December… because obviously that depends on the behaviour of people over the next month.

By which you could surmise… we’re doomed.

Obviously this lockdown is in the winter, so the days are shorter and the nights are longer. It’s dark in the evenings and dark in the mornings. And it’s going to be harder on people. And, in case everyone wasn’t already aware of that, people are telling everyone that on Facebook, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m looking forward to switching my phone to airplane mode and not getting bogged down in social media or whatever. It’s nice to do that because I’m not having to think or worry about a shift coming in for a little bit. There’s things that need doing that are time-consuming jobs and it’s just easier if they can be done without the fear of having to break off suddenly or whatever.

But equally, I am looking forward to the other side when I’ll turn my phone on again and can go back to work and see whoever does decide to play out in Version 2.0 of the new normal (Christmas Edition).

I guess it’s what you make of it.

Which for most of us is, hopefully, the best…