Nov 2, 2020: Not Using Your Noodle

For a while now, definitely the last couple of months, I’ve been taking my bag to work with me. The bag contains a few things that I might need at work if I find that I am there for a longer period of time than first expected – paper, pens, books – that sort of thing.

I also tend to carry round a meal of some description. Nothing exciting, but something which can be made relatively quickly and easily and will keep me going if needs be because, with all the stairs to trog up and down, I tend to stay put once I am in rather than nipping out to get anything from town as I would have done in the past. Well, between that and the fact that nipping out holds zero appeal for me post-lockdown (and pre-lockdown 2.0).

My carried food of choice recently has been a Pot Noodle. It’s been to and from work quite a few times. I have never, it would appear, considered leaving it at work for when I need it. I have, instead, favoured carrying it backwards and forwards between home and work.

Today, I was going in to work to run a quick emergency game for our niece – we’d originally gotten her a game for her birthday but that then fell in the middle of Lockdown 2.0, but some quite thinking had us shift this to the final few days of freedom. So I packed my bottle of water and my shaker of energy drink and…

… what’s all the stuff at the bottom of my bag?


It’s the insides of a Pot Noodle no longer being inside a Pot Noodle.

For an indeterminate amount of time, I had been carrying round an open Pot Noodle, which had deposited bits of its noodle, dried pea and flavoury powder concoction over the bottom of my bag. I don’t know how long it had been doing this, but I know it was long enough for some of the powder to have gotten damp from, presumably, condensation from the water bottle and to begin to form a lovely beef and onion flavour sauce.

So my bag smells of beef and onion. That’s a thing for now.

I think I’ll send it round the wash during Lockdown 2.0, so that the washing machine can smell of beef and onion instead.