Nov 4, 2020: Puzzling Out

We’re into November now, the lockdown begins again in a few hours, it’s dark from like four o’clock, it’s cold. It’s just nice to stay in in the evening and be cosy…

… we’re back on the jigsaws again.

We had a Christmas one (well, two technically) left over from last year, and because I knew we were starting it tonight I’ve ordered another Christmas one (well, two technically) to fill the gap this one will leave.

But that was a minefield. A minefield, I tell you.

I do love me an Amazon review. I love the ones with pictures the best, because then you know there’s something terribly wrong. And with a jigsaw you know that’s going to be missing pieces and, as everyone knows, those pieces are absolutely removed by the retailer prior to the jigsaws being purchased and not because of a mistake in the production process or anything like that.

My favourite, though, was the one star review on a Christmas jigsaw that I was looking at which just said “PERFECT IF YOU WANT TO DO A JIGSAW WITH A MAGNIFYING GLASS”. Apparently it was quite a small puzzle, with quite small pieces.

You know what I do when I look at jigsaws. I tend to have a little look at the size that it says the completed puzzle is going to be before I do anything else. If it’s a size that, to me, appears small, then I’ll look at the piece count and think, “lordy, 1000 pieces out of something the size of A4 paper? They’re not going to be very big…” and then probably not buy it.

But not the brave souls who do online shopping as an outlet for their complaining and general disgruntlement. Not for them the dizzying heights of actually looking at a product description first. Nope, it’s just picture, buy now, complain later.

I didn’t get it, in the end, because it looked tiny.

I did, however, dabble in looking at a 3000 piece jigsaw. Which, Carole assures me, we are definitely not ready for. I looked at a lot of them. If any of them had been tacky and Christmas-based we’d be doing it right now (well, tomorrow with Prime delivery, I guess). But, alas, there was not a one that I could spy.

Jigsaws seem to be, though, the perfect way for Carole to unwind after what is proving to be quite a lot of differently testing days at work. Not to mention it’s a nice escape from having to worry about her studies as well, and whatever else she worries about. Which is a lot of things. All the time.

A nice, relaxing switch off where you don’t have to use your brain, but you do without realising it. A getaway from the stresses and strains of modern life. A screen-free experience. All the buzzwords. It seems to cheer her right up.

Maybe I will get us a 3000 piecer anyway…