Nov 7, 2020: A Fractionally Less Shit Year Has Appeared

Pretty historic day today.

We absolutely smashed it with the jigsaw. One down, one to go. Nothing else of any consequence happened today. Certainly nothing in America. It was just us and a jigsaw and a lot of pieces that just didn’t fit anywhere and then did fit somewhere and then it was done.

And that’s that.

One more jigsaw to do. The harder of the two from the box, to be fair. Because this is the one where we have to work out what the picture on the box/ that we’ve just assembled is the reaction to. What exactly is happening? What could possibly be the reason everyone looks so shocked?

Who knows?

I do like these jigsaws, but the way they boxes are designed and the blurb is written it’s as though you’re supposed to be able to work it out from clues that are given. There are no clues. There’s nothing to go on. Nothing. We can’t puzzle out what such-and-such a character sees. We don’t know what we’re building. We just have to put an edge together, hope we’ve got it the right way up and go from there. That’s all we can do. There’s no logic to any of it.

Carole thinks it’s Santa cooking a Christmas Dinner. I have no idea. I can’t imagine why that would be shocking. Unless it’s on fire. Or he’s naked.

Or both.

Because that would be quite the shock, for real. Even more so if he was cooking roasties with all the spitting fat. You don’t want to be doing that in the niff. That’s for sure.

Oh ok, yes, something else happened. Trump lost the election, despite what his constant tirade of tweets (all of which are being flagged up as misleading by Twitter, incidentally) may have us believe. He’s lost. He’s taking it well, as you would imagine. So well, in fact, he even finished his round of golf before he started kicking off a bit.

No, he’s not taking it well. He’s probably not going to leave the White House civilly, one would think. In fact he’s probably going round shitting in every drawer in the place, while forgetting he’s still there until January. He’s very much behaving as any spoiled orange man-child would. He’s not taking no for an answer, his official spokesperson – Quark off of Deep Space Nine – is not taking no for an answer.

And “people” are questioning how Biden got so many votes, especially as his campaign was halted by Covid (whereas Donald trogged about coughing on people and licking babies). They don’t understand how he garnered so much support without putting in the ground work. Genuinely. People are questioning that.

On the internet. The very place where Biden got all his support without having to put boots on the moon, as it were.

I mean…