Nov 10, 2020: Buggeration

I think it’s fair to say that Amazon have dropped the ball on a lot of Xbox Series X orders.

Mine is one of the ones where the balls have dropped.

People had started complaining around mid-morning that Amazon had dicked them about. I knew that mine existed and was out and about because I’d seen the updates.

The updates then stopped at 10.54 when it was seen entering an Amazon facility in St Helens.

Where is stayed for the rest of the day. It went radio silent until 4pm when I got a message saying it was delayed in transit. Whatever that means. I think it means that stuff that should have been loaded onto a van was not loaded onto a van. But who knows. I’m not sure anything I’ve ever ordered has set off from St Helens before – we’re normally out of a Sheffield hub, so it was all very strange to start with.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I realised that it wasn’t going to come today and had written it off as a no go by about 2pm.

What’s annoying, though, is that I booked today off work (which doesn’t matter at the moment because of Lockdown 2.0) but by them not delivering it would mean I would have to book tomorrow as well. At ridiculously short notice. And when I complain to Amazon, because I will, they don’t need to know that I am at home slobbing about. I’ll definitely leave that bit out. But I will go in hard with stuff about having the PS5 next week and that it’s just not good enough and a variety of other nonsense.

It’s funny, really, when I preordered this in mid-September for delivery on launch day, so there’s been plenty of run up. But I could hop on Amazon now, and get a can opener which would definitely be delivered tomorrow.

It baffles me, slightly.

But, like I say, I’d written mine off by early afternoon.

I angrily cleaned the kitchen instead of enjoying sexy graphics and quick load times.

My package left St Helens at 5.41pm. It was there, delayed in transit, for six hours. I don’t know where it is now, it’s not actually landed anywhere that an update has been provided for.

Hopefully it’ll show up tomorrow.

Helpfully, they’ve said if it hasn’t arrived by Friday I should get in touch and they’ll try and help.

Our kitchen is going to be so clean.