Nov 9, 2020: Early Christmas

Tomorrow is new console day (part the first, at least) and I get to get my sweaty mitts on the new Xbox Series X with all its new swanky SSD malarky and upscaled graphics, better frame rates and whatever else is in there.

It’s also the start of “oh, we need to rearrange the entire TV unit to accommodate it because it stands like the bloody monolith off of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Which is just not in keeping with a TV unit.

It can lie down, but I think that it looks like a bit of a twat when it’s horizontal as opposed to vertical, and the same with the PS5 next week. So everything needs rejigging and moving about and enough space for air flow needs to be left and…

I could have done all this before hand. There’s a little nerdy part of me that says that I should be doing it. But I’m going to wait until the physical beast is within my grasp, rather than farting about with tape measures and what have you. I looked up the height of the Series X. I can’t remember what it is, off the top of my head. It’s both bigger than you’d think and not as big as you’d think in equal measures. Thanks to Zoe from Eurogamer, I know that it’s as tall as a dagger. But that’s not overly useful if you don’t have a dagger to hand.

Anyway, I’ll wait. It’ll be here tomorrow, no messing.

Hopefully, anyway. And then I can fill it with things that I will keep saying “Oh that looks amazing” to. Before I quick switch to something else, and then quick switch back again. And then run it on the Xbox One as well to compare and contrast like a proper nerd.

I can’t wait.