Nov 11, 2020: Woop

It came. Huzzah.

Despite having no updates on the tracking system, I did get an app notification to say my Xbox had been despatched, which was one up on yesterday and Alexa chimed in as well to let me know it was on the way, happily calling it a Series Ten (because, I assume, she’s designed to read letters that are also Roman Numerals as numbers) in her little posh sing-song voice.

So yes, it arrived. And it’s lovely. I just installed Sea Of Thieves and, I’ll be honest, sailed about looking at the sea and then a fricking gorgeous sunset. They all looked good on the Xbox One, but it looks even better on the Series X and it loads a lot faster, which means there’s less time to mooch and make a cuppa.

I forgot, though, the two crucial elements which can throw a spanner in the work of any new tech install – and I’m not just talking consoles here, I mean anything at all. They are, in no particular order, cats and having to clean everything.

The Series X is a big ol’ chonky monolith. It’s as tall as a dagger. Which, it turns out, is too tall to fit in a TV unit without it looking stupid. And even though it can be used horizontally, it doesn’t feel right. So a lot of the day was spent trying to find a place to put it so it could be vertical but not imposing. Because having it vertical looks really good if you can do it next to a TV or something like that, like a tower unit on a PC. I couldn’t get that configuration to work, so it’s currently behind the TV so it’s easy to get at for plugging gubbins in but nice and discreet too. That’s until Peppa finds it, and discovers it has a cat-friendly vibration and is a source of heat and tries to sit on the top of it, much as she lay across the top of the Xbox One before that was housed on a shelf. Which is where the X will end up if she starts that sort of bullshit.

I cleared off a couple of shelves. Peppa got on them, because of course she did. And just hung out there. One shelf was the planned temporary home for the console while I did the cleaning part of the install, and it had a cat in it and no console. The console was just abandoned until the feline attention seeking part of the day was over. And this was after she had set up shop on top of the delivery box as soon as I put it down to close the front door, and then had a good old nosey inside the console box itself before I’d even taken the stuff out of it.

She was, it’s safe to say, a challenge.

The other challenge though, was sorting out things. Dusting. Cleaning. Wiping out the backs of TV units that, somehow, are the dustiest places on the face of the planet. And I’ve done it now, and everything’s clean and swanky. I’ve wet-wiped, I’ve polished, I’ve static dusted. I’ve done the lot.

Not to mention giving the wires a quick once over. It bugs me that the new wires aren’t bundled in with any of the existing ones at the moment. But it’s too early to commit to cable ties and neatness. But I know they’re there, wrapping themselves around other innocent wires…

The PS5 arrives in a week (or, because it’s coming from Amazon, probably a week and a day). I have no doubt I’ll have to clean it all again. Because, I don’t know, a giant dust monster has gone behind the unit and just exploded all over the place.