Nov 14, 2020: The Cat’s In The Table

We’ve started the other side of the Wasgij jigsaw – the side where we have to imagine what the people on the first side were seeing, and then piece that together.

We’ve done alright, so far, in that we managed to get almost all the edge pieces out in our first foray through the pile of disassembled picture bits and managed to put it together reasonably easily as well. Which is a win over both the last Wasgij jigsaw we tried and the picture-on-the-box side of this one as well which took us ages.

So yeah, we have a frame – as Carole likes to call it in – in to which we can place the rest of the pieces that make no sense to us whatsoever.

What makes it even harder is that Peppa has, throughout Lockdown, become increasing brilliant and sabotaging anything and everything buy being there and being incredibly interested in whatever it is we’re doing. Normally, we’ll shut the doors and shut her out but then we feel bad about doing it and wonder if doing that is what makes her go down the sabotage route the next time she catches us having non-cat-centric fun. So we left the door open and merrily sawed our jigs for an hour or so.

And then she appeared.

And got straight into the table and basically rolled around in all the pieces and threatened to undo all of our work.

But looked really cute and lovely while she did it. Much as she does when she walks across keyboards on games nights or shuts down Zoom meetings, or turns on airplane mode on Carole’s laptop while she’s working or studying.

She’s backed to being locked out of things again.

I expect she’ll do something in the middle of the night as some form of revenge…