Nov 15, 2020: Cherry Bomb

We’ve started making the Christmas Cake today – I say started, it’s just putting some fruit in a bowl and getting it drunk overnight, but it’s still a start.

It’s also the day it became clear why glace cherries come in 200g tubs.

You need about 50g for a Christmas Cake, bit more if you’re feeling fancy.

I got Carole in on the fruit prep as well, because why not, eh? It’s a joint cake, let’s make it together. We’ll be doing the mixing stuff together tomorrow, for sure, because our arms will be knackered stirring it all up and wishing, or whatever it is we’re supposed to do. But the fruit stuff is normally not a joint effort.

And now, along with the cherries thing, I know why.

“Are we using all the cherries?” she asked.
“It’s supposed to be 50g,” I said. “Why? Do you want to put more in?”
“I like cherries, though. Let’s put more in. It won’t do any harm..”

I am not sure that much more than 50g of cherries made it into the cake.

But all 200g of cherries have been used.


Maybe into the cake.

Maybe into the digestive tract of an adult female human.

Who can say?

I mean, me, I can say.

She ate a lot of them.

A lot.