Nov 16, 2020: Currant Affairs

Christmas Cake day.

The day where the whole house smells lovely but it takes about five hours to cook a cake, and you can’t really make any elaborate evening meals because everything hinges on the cake being ready.

Not to mention you’re in constant fear of turning the oven off whenever you use any of the other knobs.

It’s a stressful day.

Even more so when the person who has ordered all the ingredients has forgotten several things – namely that we already had currants and that mum had sent over, helpfully, two bags of currants that she had been sent as substitutes in her shopping, so we already had quite a lot of currants. And then I ordered some anyway.

I didn’t get us any mixed spice, because that would be too easy – and our local Tesco doesn’t stock such a thing because it would be considered too high brow for the area, so we just made our own using what we had an a Google search, which we largely ignored. It just needed to smell a bit Christmas. I think we managed that.

But mainly it’s the currants.

We have, now, just over 1.5kg of them. Which is a lot of currants.

Luckily, I am quite partial to an Eccles cake or two, so we can make some of them to use up the stock of fruit.

With our quantity of them, and the recipe I have found, we can make ten batches. I have no idea how many is in a batch, but the recipe says it serves 4-6 people, and no-one just eats one Eccles cake. So if we used up all the currants in this way, we’d definitely be numbering baked treats in the 80s, I’m fairly sure.

Which doesn’t sound so bad.

Spotted dick. We could make that. The recipe I’ve found makes 5 puddings, which is enough – apparently – for 40 people. We could make that six times over. So we’d be able to serve 240 people some spotted dick.

Who knew it was so hard to use up currants?

We could hang on to them until next year, for more fruit cake fun, but then they’re clogging up the cupboard for twelve months. And if they’re in there I won’t be able to see the cornflour which comes in a box that is ridiculously sized for the amount of cornflour a normal human uses.

I wonder if there are any recipes that use both currants and cornflour…