Nov 19, 2020: Play Station

Woo, my PS5 arrived and it’s all the different flavours of lovely. But new consoles aren’t allowed to stand in the way of Thursday night and board games. Even though I would have happily sacked off the board games to finish the jigsaw and mess about on the PlayStation.

But anyway…

We played Everdell.

A lovely little game about building a tiny city for forest creatures, and trying to achieve various random objectives for extra points. It’s a worker placement game, so along the same lines as Charterstone and the like, which is a genre we enjoy, so it seemed like a good choice.

And lo, it was.

We were on a new chat system as well as Daniel has decreed that Facebook shall no longer be used, so we had to turn to Discord for the first time. Which involved me using it properly for the first time in however many years and Carole fretting she didn’t have enough room for it on her phone (she doesn’t need it on her phone, it’s fine.) Carole, incidentally, also decided that Discord was “bloody awful”, so there’s that as well. I won’t be inviting her to my server then.

It was everyone’s first game, and so that means that scores and the like don’t count because we each forgot various parts of the game throughout the whole thing and Nik actually vanished completely for about fifteen minutes as his computer disliked everything we were doing. He was on and off Discord like something that gets on and off something quite frequently in a short period of time.

He still bloody won, though. He smashed it. He managed to hold back loads of turns after we’d all finished which gave him a massive advantage over the rest of us. He claims to have never played the game before, and only read the rules and watched the same video on how to play that we did and yet…

Not that it counts. At all. No matter what anyone says.

And I came second. Which absolutely does count. It will forever be recorded as a game I did not come last in. Regardless of whether it was a practice game or not.

It was also one of those games where you discover that no matter how old you are, there’s always a laugh to be had with a beaver.