Nov 24, 2020: Waver

As if to re-enforce the point I made about Carole’s lackadaisical approach to Amazon deliveries, she text me today to say that her stuff was seven stops away when it was already sitting on the couch.

For months, now, living life in the new normal I have waved to every Amazon man, woman or robot (no robots, sadly) who has delivered something to the house. I have acknowledged their approach so that they don’t have to knock or hang about to see if someone answers and collects the delivery.

I wave, or I give a thumbs up. I get an acknowledgement back. We go about our business. I’ll probably still say cheers when I open the door, because they’re usually delivering to a neighbour or just getting back in the van and they normally sling a pleasantry back.

Today, the Amazon guy waved at me through the window.

It’s not supposed to work like that. I do the waving. I indicate that I have seen them coming. It’s not supposed to be them telling me they’re coming.

But, also, I think it’s pretty great that I have trained the delivery guys to look in the window for me.

But then it’s also quite troubling that we’ve had enough deliveries, and it’s not the same person each time, for them to know to wave through the window to catch my attention rather than do the knock and hang about stuff.

And it’s only going to get worse over the next couple of weeks, I suspect, as Christmas approaches and more and more things come to the door. Some of it, I might even know about!