Nov 25, 2020: All Of The Pieces

We’ve started the 2000 piece Christmas Jigsaw. Whether it will be finished by Christmas, though, remains to be seen.

It took us over an hour and a half to find and assemble the edge pieces and even then we’ve only done three sides because the bottom of it just doesn’t go together in any way, shape or form. Carole assembled it and has a section left over which should be somewhere in the middle of what she put together.

In short, it’s not going well.

Once we get going, I think it’ll be ok. There’s a lot of picture. It’s a very busy scene. There’s a lot of white, but there’s also a lot of other things happening within the white. So we might be alright.

Or, conversely, we’ve got a permanent resident of the gaming table. Which is why, of course, there’s that perspex sheet in there. Things can live under that in perpetuity if needs be. Which they might.

Have I mentioned it took us an hour and half to do the edges.

And there I was thinking we could tackle the 3000 piece one.


Just no.

My arms were tired just from sorting through this one – our ritual of sorting edges from non-edges, and then going back through the pieces at least once more because we’ve failed miserably in that goal. Except this time it was worse. And Carole found a vital edge bit and, in her excitement, dropped it back into the box and we couldn’t find it for ages.

It’s not going well, in summary.

Still, another four weeks or so and mum’s here. And she’s really good at jigsaws, as we know from the Minion one she’s spent nearly a year on. Maybe she can help us finish it, or cheer us on or something. She sometimes can’t see the knobs/holes on all the sides of the pieces, so she’d bring something new to the table at the very least.

And we’ll be in some sort of Tiered lockdown then, so there’ll only be the jigsaw to do, despite Boris saying we can all go out and lick as many people as we want for five days over Christmas and Covid absolutely promises not to infect anyone.

We’re doomed.

In both the jigsaw, and as a society.