Nov 26, 2020: Cat Drawer

As part of on-going decorating plans and a general need to clean all the dust from the house, I moved a chest of drawers in the bedroom today.

I timed my trip upstairs beautifully. Peppa was sleeping on the top of her cat stand, happily dozing away and dreaming of mice or whatever bloody mischief she could get up to next. The perfect time to move furniture.

I went upstairs. I cleared the few things off the top.

I removed the drawers.

I looked down.

Peppa was inside the chest of drawers.

This bloody cat is a teleport specialist. She’s brilliant at it. Oh, I’ve seen her downstairs. Yet here she is on the windowsill upstairs. Or vice versa. There’s a “paff!” and she’s somewhere else. Like Nightcrawler from the X-Men or a Jumper from that film where they Jumped everwhere.

I removed her from the chest of drawers.

I dragged the chest of drawers round the room to the other side, where it is going to live temporarily. I marvelled at the dust underneath it and all the crap that had fallen down the back of it. I turned back to the chest of drawers in its new location, a drawer in hand to re-insert into the unit.

Oh, there’s a black and white cat in the chest of drawers again. Brilliant.

I put the drawer down. I took her out. I picked the drawer back up and put it in the unit.

I picked up another drawer…

You know where this is going.

I was planning on moving two sets of drawers and a strange thing drawer unit.

I did not do that.

The thin unit, which she would definitely be in, has about ten drawers. That’s at least six times I’d have to remove a cat. More if she figures out she could jump up and in to the drawers as well.

I don’t have the patience for that shit…

I’ll try again tomorrow.