Nov 27, 2020: A Piece Too Far

You know the problem with a 2000 piece jigsaw?

There’s too many bloody pieces. Two thousand of the little buggers, in fact.

Where the heck are you supposed to put them all. The jigsaw fills the table as it is, and if we put them in the middle of the jigsaw there’s nowhere to assemble the pieces in the actual jigsaw. But if we leave them all in the box it’s just chaos.

Carole’s started a freezer bag approach. There’s one bag with white pieces in and one with bits of Christmas tree in. So far. There’s also a collection area for bits of other tree and for tartan trousers. There was one for “anyone wearing blue” but that turned out, on closer inspection of the picture, to be almost everyone in existence.

There’s a lot going on.

And none of it is going on very quickly.

In fact, yesterday I think it took longer for us to get into the table and down to the jigsaw than we spent on doing the jigsaw before Carole got dejected at the lack of progess and we gave up. Not to mention we have to do it in Peppa-free moments, shutting the doors while she’s happily asleep on the bed upstairs so that we can get in some jigsaw action before she comes along and ruins it all. It’s all fun and games letting a cat trash a thousand pieces of puzzle, but having her wreck this one would make me cry. And I don’t want to cry.

Well, I do.

But not about a jigsaw.

I reckon, though, if we can work out a way to spread the pieces out – dot them across all the furniture or the floor or something – we’ll be able to get this together in record quick time.


Probably not.

It’ll still be in the table in January…