Nov 30, 2020: Aaargh!

Today has been one of those days.

Firstly, I made bread rolls and used wholemeal flour which is the shittest of all flours and the rolls were ok, but dry as a dry thing in a dry contest. So there was that.

And then I went up to the bathroom to find out what bulbs we need in the bathroom light only to discover that the bathroom light no longer allows us to unscrew the bulb covers to replace the bulbs. I managed to get the one off for the bulk that had gone – which took something like twenty minutes and quite a lot of choice swearwords, as well as a good squirt of WD40, but the other two… well, it’s to be hoped we never need to change those bulbs as even after an hour those bastards wouldn’t move at all.

But still, the bathroom now has a lovely tang of both WD40 and the warmed burning fumes of the WD40. So it’s a fricking masterstroke of brilliance. I’m going to try and get the bulb covers off again tomorrow though, because I’m stubborn and should know better but also because I’ve ordered new bulbs and it’s going to bug me if it’s a different colour to the existing two and I’d like the option of replacing them all.

Although if that fails, it’s a new bathroom light next year so who the heck knows. Not the kind of bullshit I needed after the “joys” of wholemeal bread.

And I’ve ordered some new bannister brackets which are lovely but the base plate is smaller than the existing ones and I have to drill new homes and… grrrr.

And I nearly knocked all the jigsaw pieces on the floor about twenty times tonight.

Ugh, it’s just one of those days. Tomorrow will be better, probably. It can’t be much worse… although I am starting it trying to get those light covers off, so maybe it can…